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5 Sure-Fire Tips for Better Beats with Freddie Joachim

First and foremost, who is Freddie Joachim and how long have you been making beats?

Hey, I'm Freddie. A producer/DJ from San Diego, CA, and I also co-run the label Mellow Orange. I've been making music for well over a decade now.

Tell me about the origin of Mellow Orange and how does the label define you as a person?

The name and label itself, was created by my partner, Yusai, a few years ago. I first linked with Yusai while contributing a remix to a compilation he was spearheading in 2007 (I believe) with Japan's Milkdipper label, headed by DJ Tonk. During which time, Yus was just getting Mellow Orange off it's feet.

When M.O. released it's first compilation album in 2009, that's when I jumped on board. Since then we released a couple of my projects, Teeko's album, as well as our brother, Question's projects, who also is the label's head designer. Prior to all this, I wasn't exclusive to any label, and was just releasing projects with a few here and there. But now that I'm a part of M.O., I feel I'm part of an organization that understands artists, and are on the same vibe creatively.

Releasing music via Mellow Orange gives you a chance to...

It gives me a chance to release what I want, when I want. For the most part, I have complete creative control. The label also gives us chance to release and expose artists that we truly dig.

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now, I'm just wrapping up my new EP, Fiberglass Kisses. It's more a soul album featuring Carlitta Durand, Miles Bonny, Mar, L. Santiago, J. Mitchell, and Eric Lau. It's an album dedicated to Love. The good and unpleasant parts of love.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

People can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and my Blog, for news and daily updates, email me at info@freddiejoachim.com for serious inquiries.

Can you detail five tips that will lead to better beatmaking?

Here are some tips that helped me:

1. "You suck. BE BETTER!"

That's something I tell myself all the time. I'm my own worst critic, and am constantly getting down on myself. But I feel having this mentally helps me stay self-motivated, and keeps me shooting for the better, while not overshadowing my confidence.

2. Sleep on it

One thing I do more often now, is invest a little more time in tracks. So I'll work on something, then take several breaks, or even go to sleep. Then I can come back the next day refreshed, to make any necessary changes. There's been so many times where I've released music, only to tell myself I should've added or changed parts of it, or I just plain didn't like it.

3. Stay patient (for the most part)

In the very fast pace world we live in, I understand it's difficult to stay patient. But I feel with certain things, especially being an artist, it takes time to develop and mature. But I also believe, at times, you just gotta sprint toward what you're after.

4. Learn all you can

I'll be a never ending student to music. Just when I think I've finished understanding something, there's always something else waiting on deck. And nowadays, technology is changing at a fast rate, so I want to be able to move with the times. Take care of your brain.

5. Try something new

I know it's hard at times to break away from your normal way of thinking and working. But sometimes you have to force yourself to do it. I try to do it as much as possible. Sometimes I'll be inspired or intrigued by a piece of music that is different from my own, that it'll make me want to create something similar to it. Try your hand at a lot of different styles, and you'll be surprised what you're truly capable of producing...

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