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5 Music Marketing Blogs that you should Bookmark NOW!

What Is Music Marketing?

You finish the music and now you have to process how you are going to market the music. Last year I stated that the easy part is recording the music, the hard part is marketing the music and getting your name out there.

Last summer I was looking for music marketing ideas and I came across a few blogs that present posts based on music marketing. I learned that a lot of these experts presented ideas outside of my genre of music. Having an open mind empowered me to appreciate music marketing and I learned that a lot of the concepts are applicable to all genres.

I spent countless hours researching blogs that promote music marketing and I continued to visit and even bookmarked the five sites below. The five sites provide a wealth of information, expert commentary, and new perspective.

Michael Brandvold Marketing - Music Marketing
Thorny Bleeder (Music Marketing, Branding & Motivation)
Bob Baker's The Buzz Factor
The DIY Musician
How To Run A Band

I bookmarked these sites and visit them on a frequent basis. The thing that continues to grab my attention is the fact that the learning process never stops.

As an independent artist you have to remember that artist development is a thing of the past. Record Labels do not have the time or resources to develop artists, hence the importance of music marketing, branding, and interaction with fans.

How important is music marketing to you?

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