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Video: Dante Luna (Reflection Episode)

Today I have flip flopping back and forth and watching the NCAA tournament, completing an academic paper, and watching Dante Luna's YouTube channel. I have a lot of respect for Dante Luna because of his knowledge.

Dante is a talented photographer, videographer, father, and more (I learned that Dante graduated with a Philosophy degree). He has conducted interviews with Cuban Link, Sean Price, Cormega, Joell Ortiz, Havoc, and more.

This reflection episode focuses on the drive, the ambition to be better. I love the fact that Dante talks about networking (how he used college to network), industry networking, and the importance of being a sponge.

The thing that inspires me about Dante is the fact that he continues to progress. He does not let the big interviews, big connects, etc get to his head. Dante is a truly talented individual who will continue to grow because he is a student of life.


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