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The Rhyme Perspective: Poetic Killa supplies The Fix

First and foremost, who is the Poetic Killa and where does he reside?

I'm a 19 year old emcee from Boston, Massachusetts. Dedicated to my craft in which I truly eat, drink n sleep that real ass hip hop! I'm all about it man, from the culture behind it to how it can be a big effect on a given persons emotions..its crazy! But yeah as far as where I reside now I'm in Boston, was born in Boston and everything but have lived all over the US throughout my life time, everywhere from places like Las Vegas, Nevada to Miami, Florida.

We moved a lot...for the most part it was just me n my mother on our own for the longest time after the passing of my father when I was only 8 months old, she met another man years later after raising me as a baby n shit which ended in numerous Domestic Violence charges to say the least, we finally moved back to Mass just me n my mother when I was 9 with my stepbrother and stepsister from her previous relationship as I was talking about above.

Describe the creation of your rap handle?

It definitely has developed over time man but I ALWAYS had a strong passion for music, not just hip hop either...I mean, don't get me wrong I'm all about my hip hop n always have been but I definitely just always had the utmost respect for that REAL good music, no matter the genre. Started listening to rap since as far back as I can remember....(Laughs) I remember myself back in the car seat days where my mom would be driving around bumping everything from The Fugees to TLC to Montell Jordan, shit was too funny...so yeah it definitely played a big role in my youth as well. As the early years faded I was going through tough struggles wit my mother (domestic violence, eviction notices, living in shelters, etc).

I was using music more as a tool and to kinda help me cope wit what was going on around me in real life, that's what I mean when how I say its crazy that music can have such a HUGE effect on your overall mood n emotions n shit...once I put them headphones on and blast the music, I felt like I was in my own world, its really hard to explain but it's the best feeling I think I ever felt...period. (Laughs) Shits dope!

Describe the hip-hop scene in your area?

Well I kinda like how Boston has its own style of hip hop..like Cali and West Coast got they own style, down south in Atlanta n shit got they own style, same wit New York which is truly the biggest provider for East Coast hip hop over the years...I mean they've produced so many incredible artists for hip hop, honestly way too many to name I'm sure y'all feel me on that! But getting back to the Bean, I just feel like there is a lot of unnoticed talent in the area that most heads don't even have a clue about...and that may go for other areas as well but Boston artists are hungry, especially the underground scene...WE got something to prove, smoothing to say!

I just feel like we ALL gotta come together and work together, no sense in trying to knock someone's hustle when they are going for the same shit you are as an artist, like...just work together! (Laughs) Smh....Never understood haters!

Recently you released a mixtape called The Fix. Describe the meaning behind the title?

Honestly it didn't take too much thought actually, basically..I mean, one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do is to show people that anything is possible no matter your situation, past or whatever have you...as long as your dedicated and truly motivated to get what you want..you'll get it!

Personally and I think I speak for many when I say this but...I honestly miss them old school 90's Hip Hop days, I mean I listen to a little new school here n there but I'm DEFINITELY an old school hip hop head! That's where the REAL Hip Hop was, nowadays shit has changed SO much it really amazes me especially with the shit I hear on the radio...smh (Laughs)

I mean I respect artists for what they're doing and everything as far as being successful but...it just KILLS me to know that there is much better talent out there that hasn't been discovered yet, like...regardless of how much money the artist brings to the label or what have you, I pick the talent OVER the money any day....it ALWAYS seemed to be the most logical thing to me!

Who is featured on the project?

I got the pleasure of actually working with a ton of artists on this project that I could honestly say was a blessing, I mean...artists like Raekwon and Kool G Rap...I looked up to them as hip hop icons essentially my whole life!....Now I'm doing tracks with them? And they become fans of my music as well?!...its just crazy man! truly a blessing, glad I got the opportunity to work with not only them but Kuniva and Bizarre from D12, Iron Solomon...New York's BEST Battle Rapper And Emcee, JoJo Pellegrino, and the homie Termanology!

It was definitely good to get Termanology on the tape too with "Express Thru Rhyme" considering we are both from Mass and everything, cause at the same time...I also wanted to represent in this tape The Fix where I'm from, where I came from...ya know? Even getting to do a track with him was incredible, I just felt like it definitely made the tape as a whole..just more authentic!

One of my favorite tracks from the project is "Express Thru Rhyme" which features Termanology. Describe the feeling associated with working with artists that you look up to?

Well first off I wanna thank you for even mentioning that track cause that was definitely one of my favorites as well, thought it was just a really well put together track, a true artistry project...and like I stated above, it definitely drove home the main point that I was trying to get across through this mixtape, just that 90's feel with the beat n everything, that real ass music that is truly lacking in the game nowadays, so it's definitely cool to hear from other people that "Express Thru Rhyme" was one of they favorite tracks on the tape cause I definitely tried with that track to try the bridge the gap between the title of the album and what I was really trying to get across the whole tape.

The concept for "Call Of Duty" was inspired by...

Well I originally had it set up to be that it was just gonna be me n Iron on the track, but once we chose a beat n everything and I began talking to Rae...I played it for him just for kicks and he was fucking with it heavy! (Laughs)

I was honestly just amazed by the whole situation from jump because I mean..its Raekwon! Just couldn't believe it, but yeah so I knew once he was gonna get on it, I really wanted to make it a raw lyrical underground type banger ya know?!

Kinda regret not doing a catchy hook on it or something, but then I thought that wouldn't really give it that authentic hip hop feel I was talking about ya know? That's why my dude Dj Nefarious hit me up saying he could scratch in between verses throw samples in there n all that...definitely feel like it made the track in general that much better and had more of that real hip hop feel to it.

The track name basically came from the intro before the beat even drops, it caught my ear the first time I heard it and came up wit the name shortly after. Basically not trying to say this is a "war" record per say but trying to say that we (Myself, Rae, and Solomon) represent that real hip hop as a whole, that lyrical shit and with doing so we will do anything to keep it that way, or to bring that back for the people that been missing it as much as we have!

We on the front lines for this shit yo, I mean...I can't say I been in this music shit as long as they have, but artists like Raekwon have paved the way, we just here to embrace it, the real shit, the culture of hip hop as a whole...everything! to the newer generations and shit.

People should download The Fix because...

In my opinion, and...I mean I'm not one to boast about my shit and not just with music but everything in general but I truly think that I reached my own expectations on this tape as an artist. Thought it came out to be a true artist project, with features on it that I only dreamt of having!

I mean...like I said, I listened to half these artists growing up! Kool G Rap, Raekwon...truly blessed for the opportunity to even work with them.

I also think that I got my message across in this tape too, this is different type of music then the stuff you hear on the radio, like I stated above I'm just trying to embrace that real hip hop, I'm trying to bring that back!

Are you working on a follow up project to The Fix?

Yeah bro I'm actually working on the second volume as we speak! Won't have as many features as the first but I wanted it that way, since there wasn't too many solo tracks on the last one I wanted to switch it up on this next one.

Although I do have features on there from Raekwon and Young Buck along with a lot more producers I linked up with on this tape too.

It will be dropping early April and hosted by my dude Tha MixtapeBully, shouts to him as well.

How can the fans get in contact with you?

Best way is either on Twitter or Facebook, but I'm all over the net (ReverbNation, HNHH.Com, etc). You can also check out my Website.

Who is your favorite artist of all-time?

Favorite artist of all time...hmmm, definitely going to go wit Nas or Big, always felt like they were the most inspirational too, especially in that time period, I mean...they had everybody hooked to there old school jams..even till this day! There music is timeless! Big with his flow, Nas with his lyrical content...just absolute legends to me.

Any final words?

I'd just like to shout out to everyone who has stuck with me through everything over the years, those kind of people I will always keep close to me n close to my heart, I got high respect for people like that! I mean, I've been dragged out of different living situations almost all my life between moving place to place, lost a lot of friends and shit over the years and everything, really has taken a toll on me, but hey!...I mean, that's life for ya man.

I believe everyone has a story or a past but its what you do with your life after that, that truly determines the person you are, but yeah besides that I also want to thank you for the interview n everything bro, it was a pleasure.

You can download The Fix HERE

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