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The Rhyme Perspective Interview: Clear Soul Forces inspires Revolution...

I always wanted to know the origin of the name Clear Soul Forces. Describe the meaning of the name.

The name stemmed from the clear sole forces. Obviously we switched it, and it just fit. Four emcees that stay true to the sound…clear, the element of soul...from the beats to the rhymes, and we all have such a forceful style man, like it's almost self-explanatory.

Clear Soul Forces consists of...

The answer...the answer to any and everything you ever questioned about Hip-Hop. Beneath the answer is four emcees: L.A.Z, E-Fav, producer/emcee Ilajide, and Noveliss (formally known as J-Roc).

Detroit is known for introducing the world to the Motown Sound. What would Barry Gordy have to say about Clear Soul Forces?

The Soul Is Back...

You guys just recently released Detroit Revolution(s). What is the concept of the project and what do you guys hope to accomplish with the release?

First of all, the project really represents growth, progress, unity, and cohesiveness amongst other things. We really just want to show that we are a tightly knit group, not just four emcees rapping verses on beats. The concept of the project is “Revolution.” Our music, this album is our form of a revolution. With the release of this album, we really hope to bring the light back to the city of Detroit, there’s so much talent here in the Midwest, Detroit is the best breeding ground for emcees and producers on the planet, and people either don’t know that, or they’ve forgotten. We want to wake you up. We also just want to show the world that we know how to do this, that the art is still alive, and that the feeling of closing your eyes and nodding your head doesn’t have to be a memory.

Who handles the production on Detroit Revolution(s) and does the project have any features?

The majority of the album is produced by fellow group member Ilajide, while producer Kankick is responsible for the lead single “Get No Better” along with two other songs on the album, and producer Nameless has a joint on there as well. No features on this album, all about introducing the world to CSF.

Which song was the easiest to write?

The easiest song to write on this album was “Rap Attack” because that’s what we do, we rap; lyrics, bars, whatever you want to call it, that’s the easy stuff, no hook, no concept, just coming out swinging.

Which song was the hardest to write?

The hardest song to write on the album was “Ass to the Flo” because we wanted to make a song that Women could feel and do it our way, without conforming, being corny, and having a singer on the hook. We ain't looking for radio play dude, just girls nodding their heads and shaking their asses…Hip Hop niggaz like ass too.

"Get No Better" is an awesome song that is enhanced by an awesome video (shouts to Richard Taylor). Describe the feeling associated with watching the video for the first time.

Rewinding it a second time, closing your eyes, and nodding your head.

People should cop Detroit Revolution(s) because...

It’s timeless. You can cop it HERE.

Detroit rappers are unique because...

We’re original, we don’t imitate, and God put us here to make music.

What do you guys like doing when you are not working on music?

We’re all super regular guys, we get it in on video games, those of us with children love spending time with out little ones, and we all play sports and/or work out…one of us loves Basketball.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

Follow us on twitter @Clearsoulforces we’ll follow you back, we’ll write you back, we’re cool like that.

Any final words?


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