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Professor P & Dj Akilles - The Realism (Album Review)

I have been a big fan of international hip-hop for awhile and I have been following the career of Swedish hip-hop duo Professor P and Dj Akilles for some time.

Swedish emcee Professor P inspires me with his sharp lyricism and precise rhyme patterns while beatmaker/Dj Dj Akilles provides awesome production and great scratching. The crew's chemistry is what makes them create a lasting impression (their chemistry reminds me of Guru and Dj Premier back in the day). The Realism is the latest project from the collective and it was released on March 21st, 2012.

Right out the gate Professor P exclaims that Professor P and Dj Akilles means "dope beats, dope rhymes, and dope cuts" on the anthem based theme "Pro&Aktivity." Professor P states that he has razor blade lyrics, leave rappers with flat tops. I love the lyricism on this track and the hook is nice as well. Check the words for the hook below.

Pro and Aktivity, I want to thank you all for what you given me
It's your drive, that has driven me
We came a long way, now didn't we
I see it so vividly

The second verse is very nice as well. Professor P raps: Vividly, like a picture in a photo frame/ We're taking off like a Boeing plane/ Taking off like Clark Kent before kissing Lois Lane/ Taking off like Debo, taking off the stolen chain/ Take the weight off my shoulders, can't hold the the pain/ For every rap verse, my back hurts, and shoulders strain/ Like the back of my hand, is how I know the game/ Might never get a son/sun, at least I got to know the rain. "Pro&Aktivity" is an infectious track that sheds light on the journey that Professor P and Dj Akilles have been apart of. Dj Akilles closes the track with some precise cutting.

The next track is awesome as well ("Mind Travel"). "Mind Travel" features another prolific emcee by the name of Promoe. "Mind Travel" is directed towards the dreamers that mind travel throughout the day. Dj Akilles showcases his production range on "Guaranteed (Real Sh*T)"; The organs on the track provides the ultimate backdrop for Pro P to get his MOP on haha. Professor P states that he still gets it in like veterans from East New York.

"The Realism" showcases an introspective Professor P talking about life ills and his plight as an emcee, son, friend, and more. Professor P states When people ask me what I do, I do not know what to say/ They're like, "You have a future, don't throw it away"/ Listen, I put my soul on display/ It's not your average career, but don't fear, things are going okay/ I know this sh*t is hard, and that's something that I can disregard/ But I'd rather have my freedom than a business card. Professor P also states that We all feel it, the power that the music give/ I know this business ain't lucrative, still it's how I choose to live. I identify with this song because I have been chasing this dream as well.

"Spellbound (L-Town)" is an ode to the place where Pro P is from. I like this track a lot because Pro P mentions the power of his old stomping ground. Professor P states that L-Town is apart of me. The previous sentence suggests that Professor P carries L-Town with him where ever he goes. "Keep Doing It" is another solid track that features Adam Tensta and Rigael Damar. The vibe of this track is awesome, I like the overall message that revolves around continuing to do something you love regardless of the past.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me" is a nice story telling track where Professor P talks about a young woman's quest to be thin and how nothing will stop her from being thin. The last verse provides a glimpse of Professor P's journey from a young rapper to the emergence of a collective unit known as Professor P and Dj Akilles.

The album finishes with five strong tracks: "Sincerely Yours," "#1," the Sadat X assisted "Frontin'," "Just Another Day," and "Take Flight." "#1" and "Frontin'" are my favorites from the batch. "#1" is an ode to that one woman that stands out amongst the masses. I love the collaborative effort on "Frontin'" between Professor P and Sadat X (Brand Nubian bias haha). The two emcees stick to the concept and put together a nice song.

All in all The Realism is an awesome album that solidifies the chemistry from two of Sweden's most beloved artists. Greed, jealously, and other things can cause groups to disband. Pro and Ak prove that you can be friends and business partners as well. Professor P states on "Take Flight" that their relationship is 100 percent friendship, 10 percent business. The beats are on point, the rhymes are on point, and the cuts are on point. You can purchase The Realism HERE.

You can check out the trailer for The Realism below.

Below is a Professor P and Dj Akilles interview from Whoa Community where they talk about The Realism (wish I understood what they were saying hehe, good thing Hip-Hop is universal!).

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