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Navid B. Interview: Beats, BlueBottle Records, and Marriage

First and foremost who is Navid B. and how long have you been making beats?

Peace Praverb, Navid B. is a producer by night and a hairdresser by day. Random huh? I've been making beats for about 3 years now.

Where do you reside? Describe the hip-hop scene in your area?

I live in Sydney Australia, there is an Australian hip hop scene but I'm not involved in it at all, I know there are some good producers and rappers, but have never made an effort to contact them.

You are the founder of BlueBottle Records. Describe the day to day duties of being a record label owner.

SoulChef and I started BlueBottle Records as a banner to release all our own music. We wanted to have full control of everything we did. We are a still in our infancy as a label, so it's still pretty chill. A day consists of emailing artists, keeping up to date with their projects, hunting for new contacts, thinking of fresh ways to promote the label, looking for collabs, label artwork, Facebook (lol)...There is plenty of things to do to fill up a day.

Blue Bottle Records consists of...

SoulChef, Ine, The ILLusionist, Hy-Def, Dex Amora, Marie and myself.

Are you currently looking to sign artists? What things do you look for in regards to collaborating with other artists?

If we spot an artist that stands out to us we try and hold on to them! It's great having such great producers on the label, it attracts great rappers / Singers!

First of all they have to have the talent and they have to be a positive person. With Bluebottle we want to release real music, not music that pop culture thinks is real. Music that promotes, love, peace, truth and knowledge. That's what we look for in collabs!

Congratulations on getting married. Your wife is a singer on the label right? Describe the feeling associated with having a supportive spouse.

Thanks you! Congrats to you too!

Yes I recently married Ine, you will hear her album soon! Voice of an angel! She is very supportive, she is extremely musical and If it wasn't for her I probably would've given up producing a long time ago.

What are some of the obstacles that you have to face as a small record label owner?

Well I think it's the same deal as with any new small business, You have to dedicate a lot of your money and time! But at least it's for something I love.

I guess one of the major obstacles is getting your music out there, you either spend money on ads/promo or daily hitting up new blogs to post your music. Money is the second obstacle, I work full time and then spend that money on the label, so it's always great when the fans support and buy your music.

What are your interests outside of running a label and making beats?

I love technology and gadgets, love watching sports, reading, playing soccer, I'm really looking forward to kids...I also really enjoy just sitting down and doing nothing, somewhere with a great view and letting the breeze just cleanse you.

Describe the working relationship that you have with SoulChef.

SoulChef is a great friend and mentor, every decision for the label we make together. Musically he has helped me a great deal, My production skills have improved a lot just by working by his standard of work! On the flip side, I'm good with words, and am always coming up with ideas, so where I lack he comes up with the goods and vice versa! I also had the privilege of having him at my wedding, was dope to have the genius around!

What projects are you working on? What projects will BlueBottle Records drop in the future?

Well there is plenty happening. I'm working on a solo ep with some dope rappers on it as well as a Full length album with Jas Mace of the 49ers and myself. But they won't be dropping for a while still.

On Bluebottle First off we'll be dropping a SoulChef x Marchitect album called Passport.

Then we have projects for Ine, Hy Def, The ILLusionist, Dex Amora, SoulChef, and my albums that I said before.

There are also 2-4 eps with external artists that we'll be dropping with BlueBottle. Praverb being one of them!

How can the masses get in contact with you?

Email - music@bluebottlerecords.com
BlueBottle Website

Any final words?

Keep an eye on us, we'll be making music for a while to come, Our love for music is still strong and isn't wavering! Music is a part of all humans, and will always be, music is a ladder for the soul to reach the heavens, so make heavenly music that will help people reflect on their lives and move forward in positive ways.


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