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FREE Download: Kev Turner - The Definition (Album Review)

The Definition is the latest FREE project from Philadelphia representative Kev Turner. J-Slant handles the production for this whole project.

The project starts with a murderous 48 bar intro called "Straight 48" that gives Kev a chance to flex the rhyming skills. The next two tracks showcase Kev's songwriting prowess. "The Definition" is an anthem based track that is powered by a soothing and smooth instrumental from J-Slant. "New & Improved" features some funky production (from J-Slant) and the bass voice bravado of Kev Turner. The confident rapper states "Kev in the big league, you Big League Chew." The track is aided by a feature from Lawrence Arnell.

"Flow So Different" and "Live At Your Stereo" are two awesome tracks as well. The tracks are nice because it highlights Kev's ability to hold his own on his own tracks. I love when Kev displays his story telling ability (listen to "Saturday Night"). "Good Ol' Days" is a track that brings back memories of the good ol' days. I like the second verse where Kev raps about Dr. J, Mike Schmidt, and playing Twister. "Good Ol' Days" is the perfect introspective track.

"The Corner" is a posse cut for the ages. I Love the verbal thrashing put together by Kev Turner, Night, and Reef the Lost Cauze (lovely cuts by Dj Jay Ski as well). The remaining tracks on the project are collaborative tracks. "Troubled Minds" is one of my favorite songs on the project because of the Baby Blak feature and seductive hook.

Okay, so I have given you a reason to download The Definition. Head over to Kev's bandcamp and listen to and download it HERE.

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