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DXA: I Get Up/ Ice's Jazz 7" (Pre-Order Now)

"I Get Up" and "Ice's Jazz" is the latest vinyl release from Blunted Astronaut Records and DXA Records. DXA is a four man crew from NYC. They have been listening to Hip-Hop their entire lives and grew up immersed in the culture that goes along with it. Kuba, founder of Blunted Astronaut, gives the audience insight on "I Get Up" and "Ice's Jazz" below.

"I Get Up" is a tune with multiple meanings and has a feel reminiscent of the Native Tongues movement. It is about getting up and going for yours and pursuing your dreams. The lyrics of this song will take you on a journey of what it means to be dedicated to something and not giving up on your dreams, even though sometimes you might not see the impact or results of what your doing right away. The song also reflects on DXA's musical passion which is the reason for getting up in the morning and living life.

"Ice's Jazz" is a tune with a heavy jazz influence. It started out as an experiment and was originally destined for a different project but as it came together it started to take on a life of its own and found a perfect fit with the songs DXA was currently working on. The track is an instrumental composed of a lot of different elements for your audio exploration. It is IceRocks' ode to Gang Starr's "DJ Premier in Deep Concentration" and Pete Rock's "Pete's Jazz", hence the name. It was a way for him to display his talent as a producer and explore the instrumental world.

Pre-Order this release now! 300 copies will be printed up and they will be shipped on 5/9/12.


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