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Akai 3000 MPC Contest (Win Free T-Shirts)

So earlier this month I bought 3 shirts XL shirts from my homie Markus Designs from Germany. I was interested in the shirts because they had a picture of the Akai 3000 MPC on them. The design was inspired by the Akai 3000 MPC and Markus even included the original drawing for me (check the image below).

Now here is the dilemma...I can't fit the shirts (I shop at Big & Tall haha). I bought the shirts because I wanted to help promote Markus's brand and creativity. A lot of legendary beatmakers use the MPC and I thought it would be novel to create a contest based on the Akai 3000 MPC.

Below I have included 3 questions which are easy to answer. There are two ways to respond. You can respond in the comments section or you can email the answers to praverb@gmail.com (Use Akai 3000 MPC Answers as the Subject Line. The email method is the preferred method because I can gather your shipping address and all that stuff if you win.

The correct entries will be entered into a drawing and I will select three winners on April 3rd (if there is interest, I will record the drawing). Here is a hint, it may be wise to use this page to get the answers.

The contest will last from April 26th (Monday) to April 28th (Wednesday at noon, so make sure you leave your responses). I will also handle the shipping for the shirts (so it doesn't matter where you live). The questions are below.

Akai MPC Questions

1. The acronym MPC stands for ___ ______ _____.

2. The MPC60 was designed by _____ ____.

3. The MPC3000 was released by Akai in 19_.

Have fun!

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