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Start A Blog That Matters With Corbett Barr (Interview)

First and foremost, who is Corbett Barr and what is your speciality?

I'm a full-time blogger and founder of the blogs Think Traffic and Expert Enough. I help people build thriving and meaningful online businesses.

On your website you state that your are an lifestyle entrepreneur. Would you mind telling us what a lifestyle entrepreneur does?

I don't believe that business should be only focused on generating profits. The best kinds of businesses exist to improve the lives of the owners, employees and customers, not just through monetary means, but in all kinds of ways.

You have been blessed with the insight to create useful content for the masses. Why should bloggers focus more on presenting powerful content?

If you're a blogger, your success starts with creating powerful content. There is no way around this. You cannot succeed in blogging with mediocre content.

I stumbled onto one of your blogs (Think Traffic) when I was completing homework for my MBA class. What is the purpose of Think Traffic?

At Think Traffic we help bloggers and website owners attract thriving and engaged online audiences. Bringing visitors (also called "traffic") to a website is an incredible challenge that I've seen thousands of online entrepreneurs struggle with. I started Think Traffic to prove that there are simple, replicable steps you can take to increase traffic for your website or blog.

How does the content on Think Traffic differ from your personal blog and your other blogs?

Think Traffic is focused on one specific goal: helping people build thriving online audiences. My other sites are about entrepreneurship/work-life balance/motivation (corbettbarr.com) and gaining expertise (Expert Enough).

I noticed that you are very interactive in regards to responding to comments on your blogs. What is the benefit to responding to every comment?

By responding to people who comment on your blog, you can build stronger relationship and deeper levels of trust. People appreciate when you take the time to respond thoughtfully. It shows you really care.

What are three mistakes that novice bloggers make?

1) Not making your blog different from what already exists in some significant way

2) Focusing too much on what you want and not enough on your audience

3) Creating content that doesn't clearly help/inspire/entertain your audience in a meaningful and unique way

Your success did not happen overnight. I am positive that you encountered a lot of issues when you first started blogging. Can you recall the day when you discovered your niche?

I've blogged on a number of different topics. I've been most successful when I focus on something that truly moves me and makes me come alive. Whenever I've started a project based on what I thought was a "market opportunity" it hasn't nearly been as successful.

How can the masses stay in connect with you?

Sign up for updates at ThinkTraffic.net if you're interested in building a successful blog or website.

Why should people invest in your Start A Blog That Matters courses?

Our course is a comprehensive 13-week action plan for starting a blog that matters. It is the best resource out there for starting a blog that can make a difference in your life and in the lives of your readers.

Any final words?

Thanks for having me on Praverb. If anyone wants to get in touch with me directly, just write support@thinktraffic.net and I'll respond directly.


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