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NEW Album: Dj Grazzhoppa - Intricate Moves 2

Intricate Moves 2 from Dj Grazzhoppa is finally here. About a year ago Dj Grazz hit me up to be apart of the album and of course I was excited to be apart of it.

The album is presented by Chess Move Cartel and the album features Creme De La Creme, Smimooz, Blastah Beatz, Praverb The Wyse, MighGawd, Odilon, Jazz T, Woody, BoulaOne, Envious Mind, JMega, Dj Grazzhoppa's Dj Bigband, Kwote1, Monique Harcum, Sen Kevlar, K-Hill, B.B.Z.Darney, Africancuts Amazulu, JabbaThaKut, Iron and Reef Ali.

You can purchase Intricate Moves 2 HERE.

The song "Killing It" was inspired by Dj Grazzhoppa's acclaimed career. Dj Grazz is a lovely husband, father, beatmaker, turntablist, and more.

I tried to take elements of his life and career and present them in rhyme form. The lyrics are below. I hope you enjoy the track (I love the old school production).

[Verse 1]
Exposed to a cut master named Grazzhoppa
Took pieces of sentences, made tracks hotter
A loving husband, a man who's also a father
Toured Europe with a Big Band, let me expand//

DMC champ in 91, turntablist, fatal mix
Beat maker as well, check the live drums
Shout to Mo&Grazz, I'm not flowing fast
Just presenting the bio of a chosen man//

[Verse 2]
Back to raps, back to attack the track
While Dj Grazz is Back to Scratch
Serato, vinyl placed on the turntable
Needle, fine tuned, arm relaxes, this is practice//

Belgian raised, amaze the crowd with his scratches
Can move the masses without the use of rappers
He's passive, the art never dies or collapses
People want to know where his stash is (No access)//


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