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The importance of February 7th to Hip-Hop Culture

February 7th is a date that most hip-hoppers should have circled on their calendars. February 7th is the birthday for deceased legends J-Dilla and Nujabes. February 7th also marks the death of Big Pun.

I think that it is vital that we (the fans) share the importance of this day with the younger generation who may not be aware of this monumental day. Our goal as conveyors of information is to empower people with knowledge. Let the masses know about the lives of our legends.

I received an email earlier this month from Know Life that included some wallpapers. Know Life, a beatmaker from Florida, stated that he was inspired by the work and life of J. Dilla aka James Yancey and that he decided to create wallpapers to commemorate his birth and his life.

The wallpapers were designed to commemorate the birth of one of the most influential beatmakers of all time, J Dilla. You can click on the image and use it as your wallpaper if you like. Remember that life is precious and we must value our time on this planet.

You can Download the Full-Size Wallpaper HERE

You can Download the Full-Size Wallpaper HERE

7 Image retrieved from HERE
Nujabes Image retrieved from HERE


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