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FREE Download: Professional Hobbyist Acapellas

Download the acapellas for Professional Hobbyist HERE.

BPMs for Professional Hobbyist

My Journey 92 bpm
Professional Hobbyist 91 bpm
Blue Collar 87 bpm
Everlasting Struggle 89 bpm
For My People 101 bpm
The Critic 91 bpm
Nothing to Gain 93 bpm
I Pray 93 bpm
That’s How It Is 90 bpm
November 11th 88 bpm

The acapellas provide beatmakers with the opportunity to remix tracks from Professional Hobbyist. You can listen to the original mixes HERE.

If you make a remix please upload it to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Vimeo or other places that allow you to share music with an audience . You can also send me an email as well: praverb@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to download. More material coming in the future!

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