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Blog Review: Think Traffic

I wanted to focus on a new series that focuses on Blogs that I visit and Blogs/Websites that have inspired me with their content. Today I will focus on Think Traffic. Think Traffic is a website that focuses on helping bloggers increase their web traffic (it is designed by Corbett Barr).

I will focus on reviewing three things about the site (the layout, navigation and the content).

The Layout

The layout of this blog is pleasing to the eye. The text is black and the background is white making it easier for the content to pop out. The headers are also bigger and this separates the header from the body of the blog post. Think Traffic does an excellent job identifying it's purpose in the banner (Build a thriving and profitable audience for your website or blog.).

The aforementioned brand identity statement (BIS) presents an idea of what the content will center around (building an audience). As I mentioned before, the color scheme is definitely attractive to the reader.


Think Traffic is a website based on organization and it does not cause confusion with the readers. It is easy to navigate on this site because of the properly placed headers, working links and various images. I know that the site has a lot of readers because the website promotes the numbers of readers that they have.

I clicked on the Thinking About Starting A Blog? Start A Blog That Matters link and I was directed to an informative website that promotes Corbett's action plan or training courses.

I also like how the Pages are located under the Think Traffic banner image. Readers will be exposed to what the blog is about, the archives, resources, workshops, videos and how to contact Think Traffic.

I also like the idea of the Traffic Toolbox addition and the Subscribe to RSS addition.

The Content

The meat of Think Traffic revolves around the content. Corbett Barr creates interesting articles that propel people to interact as evidenced by his high number of comments.

I like the fact that Corbett utilizes bold text to drive home a point (I learned this technique from following his blog). I also like the fact that Corbett keeps his paragraphs between 3-6 lines. The shorter paragraphs makes it easier for readers to consume and retain the content (longer paragraphs require more attention and can be intimidating to look at).

Corbett Barr's content relates directly to the brand identity statement. Corbett also does an excellent job promoting others as evidenced by the guest posts and the links that he provides. Peep Laja's guest post on Think Traffic How To Get Over 50,000 Visits To Your Blog In The First Month changed my blogging approach.

Think Traffic is AWESOME!

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