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Behind the Beats: Gudo

First and foremost who is Gudo and where do you reside?

I’m a producer & emcee. Residing currently in Richmond, VA but from Northern VA.

Describe the hip hop scene in your area.

I don’t know what’s up with the hip-hop scene in Richmond. I’m still new here. Where I’m from in Northern VA we have some real talent...you may have to dig for it...but it’s there.

How long have you been rhyming and how long have you been making beats?

I started rhyming my sophomore year of high school back in ‘98....just writing in a notebook back & forth with a good friend of mine. We ended up forming a group with some other friends called the Madd Hues Squad and started making songs.

Since I played violin in school & dabbled in a few other instruments...I was the beatmaker of the group by default. So I basically started making beats about the same time we started the crew.

Who inspires you in regards to your artistic expression?

Inspiration is everywhere. I’m blessed to have some other dope producer friends to talk music to and listen to beats and whatnot. Other than them, I’m inspired by all types of music - Electro, samba, pop, jazz, & hip-hop of course.

You have competed in a few remix contests during the past few years. Describe the feeling associated with remixing a track and adding your own twist to it.

Remix competitions are fun for me. They’re like production exercise. I've remixed City and Colour, John Legend, The Roots, and Peter Gabriel, and Braille. I think all of those are available to listen to on my SoundCloud account.

One of my favorites was the Braille “Feel It” remix competition because of how solid the original track was. Evidence & Khrysis produced it and the cuts were done by DJ Revolution, and Braille’s performance was flawless.

Which one is more difficult to deal with, writer's block or beat block?

Writers block definitely.

Do you have a specific beatmaking process or do you create music on the fly?

On the fly.

Talk about the origin of the group that you are a part of, NoVa Infinite.

NoVA Infinite started with Rio, you (Praverb), Destro, and me. Being far from one another made it hard to manage as a group so it became...at it’s core Rio & Me...though Destro and Praverb are pretty much down for life. At it’s core, NoVA Infinite is myself, and “Rio the Magnetic”.

Will 2012 bring forth a NoVa Infinite album?

Depends on a few things...so maybe!

Congratulations on the marriage, describe the struggles associated with managing your personal life and beatmaking/rhyming.

Thanks, you too! Marriage, work, and beatmaking/rhyming are challenging to manage, but not impossible. At the end of the day they all work out as well as my attitude toward them.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve recently been reached out to for remixing a couple joints. So I’m working on that...plus a few verses for people.

The best album of 2011 is...

I couldn’t really say... I spend most of my time listening to old joints and records. I heard the latest Roots is dope.. but have yet to check it!

Your favorite beatmaker is...

A few generally unknowns: Badmadrad, Destro, Dub-L-Oh-Skytzo, Gr8 Jsn, and DocShay. And names most know: Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus...

Sorry, can’t pick just one!

Your favorite emcee is...

Pharoahe Monch? Mos Def? Common

What are your other interests outside of hip-hop?

I’m interested in staying interested and interesting. There’s always something to learn that way. If it’s positive, I’m vibing with it.

How can the fans get in contact with you?

Send me a message on Twitter.

Any final words?

First - thanks for reaching out and doing this interview. Secondly if you’re reading this - Love everyone as you love yourself, always stick up for victims of injustice of all types, laugh as much as you can, and read a book!!! God is Love - Peace!


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