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Video: Reuben James - Young Dreams

The homie from the UK Reuben James hit me with a video for a track called "Young Dreams." "Young Dreams" is a song that is very personal and it gives Reuben the opportunity to showcase his introspective side. He has definitely grown musically over the past few years and I love the direction that he is headed.

The cinematography for the video is awesome. I love the shots that relate to Reuben's life (i.e. soccer, travelling and other shots). The emotion that Reuben emits with his words is captured effectively by the people behind the camera (good work Josh Mellor and Tom Baker!).

There have been rumors circulating about Reuben recording one more project and then retiring. I hope that Reuben reconsiders this in the future because his music is powerful and provides a breath of fresh air.


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