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Video: A-Butta Freestyles

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite emcees A-Butta aka Anthony Cruz. He is apart of one of the infamous New York crew, Natural Elements. In my opinion he is one of the most gifted lyricists that I have ever heard. His freestyle prowess is top notch and his flow is buttery smooth. Below I have included some freestyles from the legendary Manhattan rhymer. Make sure you take the time to check out his album Vaudeville Spit.

This is one of my favorite freestyles from A-Butta, listen to the flow! he freaking destroys the beat with lines such as, "my mind's developing like an adolescent's skeleton." This is a trip down memory lane and to this A-Butta was spitting like this in 1996.

This is the infamous phone call freestyle from A-Butta. The beat is hypnotizing and the rhymes from A-Butta are smooth.

"I break and release the stress, over the beats I bless
decrease the rest like the beef between the East and West"

This freestyle highlights why A-Butta and L-Swift (now known as Swigga) are legendary. The cohesiveness is awesome, finishing off each other's bars and continuing the scheme is great. Check these lines from A-Butta.

"I make you forfeit like a four fifth
My crew fortifies the fortress, causing static like a cordless
phone, off the dome, I gets hot like the Source gets
I hit skins and sport Timbs, made out of Goretex
Plus I grab the mic and start busting often
Emcees I'm Dustin like Hoffman, something to bump up in your Walkman"


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