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VA Spotlight: Era Hardaway - Hardaway

"Hardaway" is the latest single from Fredericksburg, Va rapper Era Hardaway. "Hardaway" presents the growth of a young lyricist and it also serves as an ode to Penny Hardaway.

I like the direction of the video, which is directed by Wesley Rose. Era is rhyming on top of a breakaway rim for a majority of the video (think Mystikal in Master P's classic video "Make Em Say Ugh").

The inclusion of Penny Hardaway highlights brings back memories. I would love if the director incorporated clips of Penny playing basketball in high school and at Memphis. Penny's high school and collegiate career promote the birth of a legend.

Era Hardaway proves that he is a force to be reckoned with as evidenced by nice lyricism, a sense of style and a respect for the culture. On 2/23/12, the talented rapper/beatmaker will present SlightlyHyped to the masses.


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