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Amore Jones - Beginning of Love EP (Album Review)

The New Year signifies new resolutions and one of the universal resolutions revolves around finding love or sustaining love. Fredericksburg, Va singer Amore Jones brings in the New Year with an album that is based on love, more specifically the beginning of love. Beginning of Love is the first full project from the VA crooner. The project features production from Ja-P, Era Hardaway and Amore Jones. The project also features guest appearances from Lost Artistry label mate Kevin Sinatra and frequent collaborator and friend Ja-P. The project is very short, five songs to be exact with two bonus tracks.

The project starts with "Everything," a track that showcases the young singer's song writing ability. The topic of the track revolves around providing any and everything for his woman. "Fading" is another solid track that features a nice beat and a nice guest verse from Kevin Sinatra. Amore does a great job sticking to the concept that revolves around a woman fading away. "Come With Me" is pretty interesting because the first verse sounds like Amore is committing a crime haha. Words such as sneak up on you and creep on you sound provide imagery that relates to something from Law and Order haha. The hilarity aside, "Come With Me" is your typical carnal based theme. I find it difficult to truly gravitate to the song because it is very suggestive. "Kit Kat Love" presents a similar vibe as "Come With Me." The thing that I can not deny is Amore Jones ability to pen nice hooks. "Kit Kat Love" refers to love being symbolized as chocolate and I actually like the song (being that I love Chocolate haha). One of my favorite songs is the acapella driven "Takin' You Home" because it really showcases Amore's singing ability. I can definitely get down with this song, the ad-libbing in the background reminds me of a Barbershop quartet. The project concludes with the ultra addictive "Best of Both Worlds" that showcases Amore's rhyming ability. I love the usage and sampling of the Who's The Boss theme song. Ja-P and Amore tear the track to shreds and this track definitely has replay value.

Overall Beginning of Love provides an introductory glimpse into who Amore Jones is and his quest for love. I am familiar with reviewing hip-hop music and I am glad that Amore sent this project to me. It allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and provided me with a new level of appreciation. My wife, Vanessa, stated that the young singer has a good singing voice and that is awesome because she hates the music that I listen to haha. If you are a fan of nice production, nice hooks and love then Beginning of Love should be in your collection.


Everything, Fading, Kit Kat Love, That's All I Know, Takin' You Home, Best Of Both Worlds


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