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Throwback Thursdays: Tribute to Ric Flair's Flops

Growing up I enjoyed watching wrestling and I was a big wrestling supporter. My affection towards wrestling has decreased over the years yet I still value the legendary wrestlers. I was watching Sportscenter last year and they showed an awful flopping attempt by a Bengals player Jerome Simpson.

The horrible flopping effort made me reminisce about wrestling and their flopping. I believe that Ric Flair is the best flopper of all-time. Check the clip at the top of this post and watch Ric Flair in action.

BTW: Dennis Rodman, Derek Fisher, Manu Ginobili, NFL Punters and Kickers, Vlade Divac, Derek Jeter and more are also great floppers. If I missed some floppers let me know haha.


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