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The Rhyme Perspective: Whiteman the Blacksoul

First and foremost, who is Whiteman the Blacksoul and where do you reside?

Peace, World! I’m a rap artist from Kazakhstan. I’m originally from Karaganda. I feel comfortable in any city or region, but I rep Central Kazakhstan all time.

Describe the hip-hop scene in Kazakhstan?

We have a lot of talented cats here but music industry is whack. Most of emcees and groups are very underground but we’re doing our best to develop this game.

Where does your rap name originate from?

My first part of rap name originates from my pale skin in a childhood. Classmate called me "white man" one time and I used it as a rap name. And second part, Blacksoul was attached to my name few years later. It was based on a black roots of hip-hop music.

On your Facebook it states that you are the first rapper from Kazakhstan to collaborate with US beatmakers and beatmakers world wide. How does it feel to be a trend setter?

It’s cool but it’s not so important for me. I just do my thing, and I find it very interesting.

Describe your rhyming style to the masses?

It depends of a main song message. Sometimes I use punchlines, wordplay for tracks when I pay more attention on skills and flow. But sometimes I prefer to write more simply lines for songs when the lyrics and meaning is a main thing. I’m not a fan of rhymes for rhymes style. Message is always important.

In 2010, you released 21 Hours, 21 Minutes. What is the concept of 21 Hours, 21 Minutes and what did you want to accomplish with the project?

21 Hours, 21 Minutes is my 1st LP. This album is big for me. I love all album songs, even haven’t favorite ones. On this LP I represent different styles: you can hear street bangers, classic 90’s style songs, also serious lyrical songs about some personal things. This album is me myself. I think you can drop 3, 5, 10 albums during your career but debut LP is a record you will always love and remember. It’s like a first steps in your life.

In 2011, you released a collaborative album with beatmaker Teck-Zilla from Africa called Common Language The EP. What was the concept of the Common Language project and how did you link up with Tech-Zilla?

I contacted with Teck-Zilla in 2009. We made a song for 21 Hours, 21 Minutes. We named it "Feeling Good." Song came out really dope. Then in 2010 we started to work on new tracks together. He gave me some beats and idea about Common Language was born. We called this EP Common Language because music is a common language of all nations in this World. Teck is Nigerian living in Canada, I’m Russian from Kazakhstan and music is connecting us. I hope to make more songs with Teck-Zilla and his Str8buttah crew in future because I really feel their work. You will can hear Teck’s beats on my next album as well.

Describe your writing style to the masses.

Usually I write my lyrics when I hear the beat. But sometimes I can write a whole song without a beat and then I search for a good one, hehe. It depends of my mood and a type of song.

What are you currently working on?

Now I’m working on my new LP. It will be called Scorched Earth Tactics. Hope to finish the recording until this spring. I don’t hurry, I just want to do a really interesting album. I got SnakeVsCrane, High Chief, Iron Curtain, ADM, Zieke Sounds, mcSCOrp10n, Teck-Zilla on a beats and some dope cats on a guest verses.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

You can follow me on Twitter, also people can add me on a Facebook.

Did Borat's portrayal of Kazakhstan offend you?

Honestly, I didn’t watch the full Borat movie. But I know that his character ain’t serious and this movie even wasn’t filmed in Kazakhstan. So Borat is a fiction, not a fact. I’m just ignoring this, you know?

Any final words?

Thank Praverb for the interview. Shout outs to my supporters and listeners, keep staying tuned! God bless.


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