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How to Easily use Twitter to Promote Your Music (Review)

I had the pleasure to watch and listen to a webinar from Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson called The Music Biz Weekly Music Marketing Webinar: How To Easily Use Twitter to Promote Your Music. I was drawn to this webinar because I have been using Twitter to promote this website and my music in the past and the results have led to increased traffic, the ability to engage with people and more. Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson are two luminaries in the music marketing world. Michael and Brian are experts at music marketing and helping artists capitalize on their weaknesses. I was exposed to Michael Brandvold via Bob Baker's Twitter feed and I was exposed to Brian Thompson via Michael Brandvold's Twitter feed (the power of Twitter haha).

The webinar presented a lot of valuable information that highlights the effectiveness of Twitter. I could break down the webinar into four or five posts but I would not be able to capture the essence of the original message. I did learn three valuable things from the webinar though. I learned about the power of a profile picture, the power of Twitter search and the power of Twitter Lists.

Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold did an excellent job relaying the importance of having a profile picture as opposed to a logo. A profile picture is more personal and shows that the artist does not need to hide behind a logo. It is an instant communication starter.

I also learned about the power of Twitter search and how to use it effectively. I utilized Twitter search to find out what blogs posted Professional Hobbyist by typing Professional Hobbyist in the search box. Brian and Michael also presented information on how to use the search box to find fans.

The last thing that I learned revolved around Twitter lists and how they lead to finding new fans and promote organization. After watching the webinar I tried my best to organize my followers into lists and it is very tedious. I believe that it is beneficial because the list is just a small sample of a person's followers and I believe that it is very personal.

So to sum it up.

  • + Profile pictures promotes personality and suggests a human element.

  • + Twitter search is powerful because you can find out what fans are talking about your music.

  • + Twitter lists promote organization and make it easier to engage.

  • The most important thing that I gathered from the Webinar is that Twitter should be as a communication device (Engage!) and not used solely for selling. The 80/20 rule is something that I will utilize in the future (two tweets out of ten should be focused on you). The webinar is very valuable and only costs $5.00 via Paypal. If you are interested in learning how to use Twitter more effectively click the BUY NOW button below.


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