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Memory Mondays: MC Juice Freestyles

First and foremost, Happy MLK day! Today I thought it would be great to post some classic freestyles from one of my favorite emcees MC Juice. This post was inspired by The Rhyme Perspective interview with Stephen Maddox. Freestyling is definitely an art form and it is great to witness true off the dome ability. I could listen to these freestyles all day long. Who is your favorite freestyle emcee of all-time?

Never saw this freestyle before, glad that YouTube gives fans the opportunity to upload timeless content. In this freestyle, Mc Juice is kicking rhymes off the top of the dome with an assistance via the GQ the Teacher.

Here is a recent freestyle from the legendary Mc Juice. A fan from the crowd shouted out Maywood and Mc Juice does what he does best, improvise.

I absolutely love this freestyle from Mc Juice. Watch as the emcee words weave with ease. Mc Juice rhymes: "Believe that, I’m more clever with a feature/ don’t think that Mr. Pac Man ain’t gonna eat ya."

I love this freestyle as well. Mc Juice rhymes: "I'll whoop him from Genesis and stop at Revelations."

Links to other jaw dropping freestyles:

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Mc Juice Freestyle at Lollapalooza

Eminem vs. Juice (Scribble Jam 97')


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