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Memory Mondays: Jam Session

I Love Jam Sessions/ciphers etc because they are so organic. This video is awesome because it features beats from Keelay and Cook Classics and guitar work from Nate Mercereau. Talk about being some inspiration for students in audio production schools. The organic vibe promotes a natural cipher feel.

Kam Moye, Tunji, Jern-Eye and Evangelist compliment the organic feel with some hard hitting rhymes. Kam Moye rhymes:

"I rather let the world think he got no dough
Y'all looking at my crew like we not loco
But slip up and leak my vocals
And end up with a scar identical to the Fila logo"

Tunji rips the Jam Session with his freestyle skills (respect). Jern Eye rips the microphone with a pretty nice verse as well. I'm loving the verse from Evangelist (first time hearing him). Kam Moye concludes the Session with a lovely mix of written verse and freestlying (I really miss his lyricism, come back Kam!).

Let me know what you think of this Jam Session.


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