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Keor Meteor - Soft Space

Soft Space is the latest project from French beatmaker Keor Meteor. In 2011, Keor released a lot of content that showcased his growth.

2012 marks the beginning of a new year and the creation of a new project. Keor presents his trademark instrumentation, the inclusion of some great vocal samples, some scratching from Dj Ivan6 and more. The project also features Kiyani, Dailon and Tired Eyes.

One of my favorite tracks from this project is the last track "MegaUpload." "MegaUpload" is awesome because it features some commentary about the file sharing giant. The production that Keor incorporates is laid back and very jazzy.

You can listen to the project HERE. I have downloaded this project to my iTunes and I suggest you do the same (support the artist if you can).

I will always post Keor's material because he provided production for me to rhyme over back in 2005 (thanks for contributing production for Center Of Attention). I haven't worked with him since then but that will definitely change in the future.


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