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FREE Download: Kev Turner & Lex Luthorz - PHL to ZGZ

Okay, this afternoon I had to present PHL to ZGZ - The EP a collaborative project between Philly emcee Kev Turner and Spanish beatmaker Lex Luthorz. The project clocks in under 20 minutes and consists of five tracks.

Kev definitely exhibits his smooth flow throughout the project and the production from Lex Luthorz is phenomenal. The drum programming from Lex is awesome! Three of the five tracks on the project are braggadocio based. "Shawty Got The Flow" presents a mature Kev Turner rhyming about approaching a woman and spending time with the woman. Aaron Hoffman provides a nice hook to complete the track.

"Ghetto Gospel" is one of my favorite tracks from the project because Kev paints a vivid picture about his city, Philadelphia. The hard hitting beat from Lex Luthorz compliments Kev's depiction of the city.

Reasons to Download:

  • The EP clocks in at under 20 minutes

  • Dope beats + Dope rhymes

  • This project proves that more is on the horizon

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