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D-Kay Drummasta feat. Nametag - 4.9.5. - 3.1.3.

D-Kay Drummasta feat. Nametag " 4.9.5. - 3.1.3. " (prod. D-Kay Drummasta) by D-Kay Drummasta

Earlier in the day I decided to favorite "4.9.5 - 3.1.3" via Twitter because I knew that I would check it out later. "4.9.5. - 3.1.3." is the first single from D-Kay Drummasta's upcoming project and it features Detroit lyricist Nametag. The track is produced by D-Kay and the two emcees trade verbal darts back and forth.

Nametag raps, my Black Thoughts go well over the drums, like Questlove/ it's more than a generic internet buzz. The previous bars highlight the thought process of one of the illest rappers that I have ever heard. D-Kay rhymes in Russian and provides another perspective that is fueled by an ill rhyming voice. I look forward to learning more about the project that D-Kay is putting together (which reminds me, I need to write my verse for our collaboration).


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