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Behind the Beats: Schroeder Beats

First and foremost, who is Schroeder and how long have you been making beats?

I am a beat maker/crate digger/hip-hop head. I have been making beats on and off for 10 years.

Where does Schroeder reside?

I currently reside in Little Falls, NJ.

Describe the hip-hop scene in your area.

Honestly, I don't keep up with the scene too much anymore. As far as emcees go, I really like Tone Liv, Sol Zalez, Pistol, Rasheed Chappell and Venomous 2000. The monthly event, "The Garden Variety Show", usually held in the city of Newark, showcases the best talent that NJ has to offer. It was created by The Custodian of Records, who is a dope producer out of Jersey. Newark seems to have become the one city where hip-hop events are thriving and that's further evidenced by "The Rocksteady Crew Anniversary Show" being held there for the past eight years. Here's an article I recently came across that does a much better job of highlighting the scene in NJ right now.

Click It Out HERE

I was watching your YouTube channel and I noticed that you posted a video called SP-1200 Party 2.0. What was the concept of the party?

The party was started by fellow SP users Drumat!c (Philly), DJ I-Cue NYC) and DXA Records (NYC) to celebrate the release of the book, "SP-1200: The Art And The Science". The first party included a Bob James - Nautilus beat battle with Lewis Parker, Gensu Dean, Ice Rocks, DJ Doom, and J-Force. It's a great opportunity to build with producers who have the same appreciation for the sampler. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the second party. Drumat!c has stated that the third party is scheduled for May 13th, 2012 (Sunday) at The Delancey in NYC.

Is the SP-1200 your weapon of choice?

Yes it is. It has been for the last couple of years. I've used just about every sampler out there (EPS-16+, ASR-10, MPC 60, SP-303) and it is the one machine that I am the most comfortable with.

What are your thoughts on the new Akai MPC Renaissance?

As far as midi controllers go, I think it looks pretty cool but that's about it.

I write rhymes as a form of escape, writing rhymes also serve as therapy. Why do you make beats?

The entire process of beat making serves as my therapy. That includes diggin' for records, finishing the beat and everything in between. I simply enjoy it all. It is my creative outlet.

You also host Stuck In The Past, a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop. Why did you develop the Stuck In The Past podcast?

Stuck in the Past started out as a internet radio show that I hosted during my last year of college. After graduation, I wanted to continue doing the show. I had all of the necessary equipment to do a podcast so that's exactly what I did. I like exposing listeners to records they might've never heard before or they haven't heard in a long time. I also mix in the new music that is out there that I'm enjoying. I encourage artists to send me their material HERE.

What are you currently working on for 2012?

I am in the process of finishing my first EP which is entitled DREAMACHINE. I'm also trying to develop an after school program which will focus on music production. I have a few other project ideas but they are nothing more than that at the moment.

How can the fans get in contact with you?

The best way to get in contact with me is via email at schroeder1200@gmail. You can also check me out at the following sites:

Stuck In The Past Podcast

What are some of your goals for 2012?

I want to collaborate with more like minded beat makers, emcees and artists worldwide as well as continue to grow and develop as an artist.

Any final words?

Thanks to you Praverb for conducting this interview. Peace to all of the SP users and artists worldwide. Finally, thanks to those who listen to, support, & share my music.


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