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Video: Promise feat. Jhene Aiko - Against the Odds

It is great to hear good music on a daily basis. I have been hip to Promise for awhile and I was introduced to his music via 2Dopeboyz back in 2008 I believe. Promise collaborates with the lovely singer Jhene Aiko on "Against the Odds." The talented Canadian emcee presents an inspirational tale that presents the dichotomy between being successful and being a failure. I love the honesty that is presented in the third verse. Promise raps:

"Labels, that I, wanted to sign with, want me to shine
they don't want me to rhyme, they want me to lie and sign posters
I was like, you out of your mind, so I had to decline, and now I'm just rapping to find closure
I know, when the sun shines, it's over, compromise my art? no sir
Hit the sky, don't part my hopes, will halt me to smile at a Dark Knight, Joker"

"Against the Odds" is the latest single from The Awakening. Props to DuckDown for signing this awesome artist.


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