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VA Spotlight: Terra - Dipitaka: The Cleaning (Album Review)

On December 23, 2011 GLG member Terra released an album called Dipitaka: The Cleaning. I think it is a great that emcees, beatmakers, videographers and more from my area are doing something positive with their time. Dipitaka: The Cleaning features production from Buzz Boy, Terra, Ja-P, Tommy Black, Kid Styles, KB Da Beat Goddess and more. The project also features guest appearances from Candice Shanell, Ja-P, Wrighteous and Kid Styles.

I like the artwork for this project. I love "I'm Free(Charles Manson)," it provides a perfect introduction to the project and a segue to the next track called "Leprosy." The hypnotic production on "Leprosy" gives ample room for the young artist to spit darts suggesting that he will "rule the world, just you wait and you will see." The track gives Terra the room to spit braggadocio lines. Terra tackles disagreements on "Disagreements Pt. 2," a track that features a lovely guest appearance from Candice Shanell. On "Heir To The Throne," Terra shares the mic with Ja-P and Wrighteous. All the emcees deliver nice bars but Ja-P and Wrighteous steal the show with their precise delivery and elevated lyricism. The beat from Ja-P is a banger! Terra exhibits his best performance on "Heaven & Hell." I was disappointed when Terra's second verse faded out (right when I was getting into the song haha). On "Godzilla," Terra attacks a monster inspired sample provided by Ja-P. There is a recurrent theme on this album and it revolves around the fluctuating lyricism.

Terra provides some conceptual tracks towards the middle of the album with "Goodnight," "The Cleaning" and "Dark Knight" that features Kid Styles. "The Cleaning" is a nice track that is aided by a Michael Jackson inspired hook from Candice Shanell. "Dark Knight" seems to be inspired by the Dark Knight movie and the two emcees attack the track with precision. I like the recreated beat (think Drake) that Kid Styles presents on "Perfectibilists (Black Diamond)." The flow that Terra uses on this track is pretty slick. Terra raps "I'm a leader of my kind, maker of my own mind/ needle of my own thread, cloth of my own design." I also like the vocal sample that is used for the hook. The project closes with three stellar tracks with the standout track being "Emperor's Soundtrack." I like the original track and I like this rendition as well.

Overall Dipitaka: The Cleaning has its moments. Terra, in my opinion, shines over production that gives him room to showcase his versatile flow (check "Godzilla"). Terra's confidence or mic presence will strengthen as he continues to record more material. Terra has an ear for beats yet he must understand how to fully attack a beat to avoid being overshadowed by stellar production. Check out the album and let me know what you think.


Leprosy, Heir To The Throne, Heaven & Hell, Perfectibilists (Black Diamond), The Cleaning, Emperor's Soundtrack


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