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VA Spotlight: K.I.N.G. Future - Standing Out Of The Crowd (Album Review)

Christmas brings forth a great celebration and the traditional exchange of gifts. Christmas provided me with a chance to listen to an album from Fredericksburg, Va based hip-hop artist K.I.N.G. Future. The name of the album is called Standing Out Of The Crowd. The album title suggests that Future is not programmed like these other rap clones and that he strives to pave his own path through music.

I like the concept of this project and how Future packs substance in his music. On "Determination (Intro)," K.I.N.G. Future raps "And as a child, I always knew that I was different/ people over look me, yet they never listen." The previous quotable suggests that the artist always knew that he was different and that he has a different purpose when it comes to presenting music. I love the substance that Future embeds into his music. He shines when he tackles subjects like the affects of sex ("It Was All A Dream"), being hip-hop's last hope ("The Last Hope") and where he is from ("Where I'm From"). The parallel to the Notorious BIG in regards to vocal delivery is very interesting and this quality makes Future's music easy to listen to. On "Last Hope" the rapper states:

"We live in a generation where the we disrespect our women
and a college education, is like, who the hell you kidding
People living in the fast lane, till they start skidding
and they dreams starts colliding and they souls start dividing"

The previous bars highlight the young emcee's maturation and ability to provide reality in the midst of a negative situation. I gravitate towards the anthem style of "Where I'm From." K.I.N.G. Future spits bars about the area that he represents which is Fredericksburg, Va. I love the old school vibe of "Why Is He So Dope" which features K.I.N.G. Future rhyming over Dj Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat." Future rhymes over Frank Ocean's "Novacaine" and presents his own rendition called "Cocaine." K.I.N.G. concludes the project with some motivational rhymes on "Frustration."

The guest features for this project were kept to a minimal with Ja-P making multiple appearances. K.I.N.G. Future holds his own with the featured guests. Ja-P and Future trade bars on braggadocio driven track "Renaissance Rap." K.I.N.G. Future links up with Ja-P and J. Fields for "Turn Time Back" that details regrets related to mistakes in a relationship. I absolutely love "Can't Wait Till I Blow" that features Clipz. I remember hearing this live and I liked it back then. "Can't Wait Till I Blow" presents a common topic for emcees that want the spotlight yet Future and Clipz throw include some personal goals in their rhymes. "Visiting Hours" is a bonus track that features Kid Styles, Ja-P and Amore' Jones. I like the fact GOOD L.O.O.K. Gang or GLG support each other and they compliment each other well on a track. I am definitely loving the verses from every artist yet Ja-P and Amore' Jones deliver the best verses.

Standing Out Of The Crowd showcases K.I.N.G. Future's versatility. He is able to adapt to any topic and his delivery is freaking sick. I believe that his flow will continue to evolve as he continues to record material. Future has a good ear for beats yet I would love to hear him over original production in the future. This project has a lot of songs that have replay value due to the high level of lyricism that Future presents. Standing Out Of The Crowd proves that K.I.N.G. Future is on a quest to truly make an impact in this music biz.


Determination (Intro), Renaissance Rap, It Was All A Dream, The Last Hope, Where I'm From, Why Is He So Dope, Can't Wait Till I Blow, Visiting Hours


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