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VA Spotlight: Ja-P - True Colors: The Album (Album Review)

On December 2, 2011, Fredericksburg based emcee Ja-P released his debut album called True Colors. True Colors features production by Ja-P, Sharif Wilson, Darius Mines, KB Da Beat Goddess, Skrillex, Girrafage, TheEnginear, Sleeping Giants, U'Nique Music, Era Hardaway, Kid Styles, iLLian, H.R. Pufnstuf, and Aaron Rayford.

The project also has features from Japelle Shaw Sr., Jered Sanders, Wrighteous, Mi$tro, Mitri F, Terra, Clipz, Hana Keenhold, Destin'd, Sharif Wilson, Marc Davis, Amore Jones, Era Hardaway, Kid Styles, Aaron Rayford, David Newson, Buzz, K.I.N.G. Future, Polo Bear, Spizzy, and Cane.

I had the pleasure of performing on the same bill with this motivated young man and I am impressed by his talent and drive. On stage, Ja-P is a ruthless entertainer who has crossover appeal due to his music and presentation. It is hard not to vibe with his latest release True Colors. "No Sleep" is a good track that has an exceptional hook that incorporates a hint of a nursery rhyme (think Little Bo Peep). I like the balance that Ja presents on this project. He makes his own beats and he has the ability to hold his own alongside other talented cats (check "Forever" and "No Sleep (Remix)"). I also like the direction and message that is presented on "Standing Ovation". One of my favorite tracks from the project is "Oops..." because the beat is a banger and Ja-P drops some braggadocio bombs throughout the track.

Overall this project was nice to listen to. I like the production on the project yet I feel like a lot of the production has a similar sound. I believe that this was intentional due to the cohesiveness of the project. A project that exceeds more than 12-15 tracks is a rarity. I love the fact that Ja-P poured his heart and soul into this project as evidenced by the length of the project, the different sounds and the replay value. The future is definitely bright for this young chap and it is great to witness a young man strive towards his destiny.


No Sleep, Forever, For My Team, Standing Ovation, No Sleep (Remix), Oops...


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