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Top 5 In The Burg: Emcee Edition

Instead of compiling a best of 2011 list that focuses on my thoughts about the year's best releases I decided to focus on the area that I live in, Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg is a hotbed for talent and I believe that a lot of artists on this list will have a productive future (Shout out to Spizzy, Romelis, Terra, Kid Styles, Wrighteous, Amore Jones, Legacy, Juxtapose and more; the future is yours, reach out and grab it!).


  • Dropped My Universe and Appetizer for Destruction

  • Versatile flow, varied rhyme patterns, polished delivery

  • Spits Bars!

  • Accomplished song writer, check "The Other Side" and "Night And Day"

  • Ja-P

  • Dropped True Colors

  • Versatile flow, very charismatic, deadly stage presence

  • Kills guest appearances

  • Dropped one of my favorite songs of the year...check "Oops..."

  • Kevin Sinatra aka K. Sinatra

  • Dropped The Battle For Olympus

  • Fresh content, nice flow

  • Dropped a gem with "In My Soul"

  • Era

  • Dropped Pumpfake - The EP with Ja-P and Yeah, I Rap 2

  • Nice flow, nice concepts, good performer

  • Dropped one of my favorite songs of the year...check "Two-Three"

  • K.I.N.G. Future

  • Dropped Standing Out Of The Crowd

  • Nice flow, Biggie esque delivery, quality content

  • Versatile enough to drop "Why Is He So Dope?" and the Fredericksburg anthem "Where I'm From"

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