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Top 3 In The Burg: Videographer Edition

Instead of compiling a best of 2011 list that focuses on my thoughts about the year's best releases I decided to focus on the area that I live in, Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg is a hotbed for talent. With this edition I decided to focus on the videographers from the area. The videographers that I present all are conceptually sound and they present stories for the masses. I want to give a shout out to Julian Bast, Mason Taylor Films, Tristan Cinemas, Milliardo Sophisticado Entertainment, Blu Inc and Diffama Films. If you know other videographers that I should check out drop their link in a comment. Ohh and lets sign a petition to see Dre Eastwood back behind the lens in 2012!

Edgar Munoz

  • Speciality: Super nice concepts, great shoots, brings the song to life

  • Still amazed that Edgar had a hand in creating this video: Ja-P and Era "Cut You Loose"

  • Mister Fili

  • Speciality: creative mind, ill concepts, perfectionist, various shoots

  • He directed videos for the homie Cane, one of my favorite videos from Fili is "Steel Reserve"

  • Wesley Rose

  • Speciality: every video shows improvement, perfectionist, attention to detail, evolving concepts

  • Wesley is very versatile and can film various videos (Check out Rufus Fly - "Expose Yourself", ODE Winter Lookbook or Hunting with Dad).

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