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Top 3 In The Burg: Beatmaker Edition

Instead of compiling a best of 2011 list that focuses on my thoughts about the year's best releases I decided to focus on the area that I live in, Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg is a hotbed for talent. With this edition I decided to focus on the beatmakers from the area. Coming up with five was definitely difficult so I just selected three. I want to give a shout out to Era, Kid Styles, Tef Wesley and more for your production contributions. If you know other beatmakers that I should check out drop their link in a comment.

Lou Burna

  • Handled all the production for My Universe and "Grassroots Tangent" from Appetizer for Destruction

  • Speciality: banging beats with dope drum programming

  • Still amazed at the beat on "Give The Drummer Some"

  • Ja-P

  • Provided production for Terra's project (Check "Heir To The Throne, "Julius Ceasar")

  • Produced a heck of a single from his True Colors album called "No Sleep"

  • Speciality: versatility and banging basslines

  • Logic Marselis

  • Dropped Origin of Cotton, C I R C L E S, SNΔPCRΔCKLEPOP, copyright 1984 and emmanuEL

  • Handled the production on a collaborative project #InstantMessengers with UllNevaNo

  • Speciality: weird samples, sample cutting, attention to detail

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