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The Rhyme Perspective: Wize One

First and foremost who is Wize One and where do you reside?

I'm an upcoming artist trying to bring a positive vibe into hip hop with my music, and a rapper with a purpose deeper than just trying to make money or get fame, I'm trying to spread a message to my people that I feel can help them in this time we living in. I reside in the Bronx, the home of hip hop.

Describe the hip hop scene in your area.

The hip hop scene in my area revolves around people listening to mainstream music nowadays because that's whats being heavily pushed. Being in New York you always have your hardcore fans who listen to true hip hop and being from here everyone's trying to be a rapper so in order to stand out you have to have your own style and shine in your own way because everywhere you go here you're going to meet a rapper.

How long have you been rhyming?

I've been rhyming since I was 12, ever since I heard 2pac's album Me Against the World. That album was too mature for me at that time but it still sparked something inside me to make me want to pick up a pen and just start writing. Ever since then it's just been like a hobby that became something I loved to do and the more I grew and matured the more my rhymes matured. I got to the point where I decided this was what I wanted to do and got serious about it.

Earlier this year you released the ultra-dope track called "I'm Wize" that features Sadat X. Describe the feeling associated with doing a track with such a legendary figure. Do you feel that you held your own with the legend?

I was excited to know that my first single would feature such a strong figure in hip hop, I grew up on groups like Brand Nubian so to actually have a rapper I grew up listening to on a song with me was almost unbelievable, and I definitely feel like I held my own. I'm confident in my skills as an emcee and he's a hip hop legend, so I feel we both came together and created a great song.

What are some of your strengths as an emcee and who inspired you to rhyme when you were younger?

I feel my strengths as an emcee are my flow, confidence and mostly my ability to turn life into poetry. I feel like I can take an emotion or a situation, even thoughts and turn it into poetry and touch people's souls by putting words to the things we may all feel but not know how to express. Also the heart I put in my music, I feel that at times I attack the mic to make sure I'm felt and people feel my energy and relate with it.

I was listening to one of your freestyles and you spit these bars:

I'm the God, I took the potential
and made it kinetic, I seen it's all mental
all I really needed was the bare essentials
to transform my body into a temple

I definitely notice a strong inclination towards Rakim (one of my favorite emcees). Can you detail the power of those lines and the power of lyricism?

The power behind these lines is just to make people realize that you have the power to change your life in a positive way. You have all the tools you need to make life what you want it to be, you just have to put it in play, taking your potential and putting it in motion. In my case it was being a more spiritual person and positive, the power of lyricism is deep, words have the power to influence people so lyrics carry the power to change people's way of seeing things, that's why I feel people need to be careful with the things they say in their lyrics because listeners take the things you say seriously. That's why I try to stay as positive as possible while still being realistic and true.

Describe your writing process to the masses.

My writing process is I just write when I'm inspired, it can be a movie or something I read or even someone else's song I heard that just inspires me to write. I usually start off with a verse and go from there, I try to capture whatever it is I feel at that moment and get it across to whoever is listening. I never try to force a verse or a song because it won't feel the same when it's done, I have to want to write and be inspired.

Congratulations on being signed to Godsendant Music. Describe the working relationship that you have Godsendant Music.

Thank you, my working relationship with Godsendant is great, they've given me the opportunity to get my music out to more people by helping me with promotion. I also have the freedom to speak about the subjects I want to in my music, which benefits me a lot because my message is something powerful so I also respect Godsendant for allowing an artist to express who he really is, it's a great relationship.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I'm currently working on my album I'll be releasing through Godsendant, it'll be called the Book Of A Scribe. I'm pretty much done with it I just need a couple more songs and I'm done. I also have a group called The Scribez and we're constantly making music and videos and posting them on Youtube. I also have a mixtape with my producer Supreme Digital that I'm working on that will be released before my album comes out. We'll have videos for some tracks as well, as soon as it's released I'll be post it on my Twitter.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

The masses can get in contact with me through my Twitter and also they can subscribe to my Youtube page where I'm constantly posting up new music and freestyles, also The Scribez Youtube page, all of our group material is posted there and we constantly update it.

Any final words?

My final words is just support real hip hop, and give your support to artists who really have your best interest in mind and try to feed you something positive, and check out for me I'll be bringing a lot of powerful music in the near future.


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