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The Rhyme Perspective: Rapsody

Hello Rapsody how are you doing today?

It is currently 3:48 in the morning, so I'm a little sleepy. But, I'm feeling great nonetheless.

Where do you reside and how long have you been rhyming?

I reside in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have been rhyming for 6 years.

Recently you released a project called For Everything and it seems that you continue to progress as an artist. What was the motivation behind the project?

I just wanted to make good music and share it with the world. I love making music. I never stop working, and I wanted to put out at least one more project before we release the official album to show my growth.

Your work ethic is unmatched as evidenced by releasing three albums in less than a year. What do you attribute your work ethic to? Is it a product of your upbringing?

Yes, its definitely a part of who I am. My parents made sure I knew the value in hard work. I always had chores to do, had my first job at 15, and I played sports. I was always the first one at basketball practice and the last one to leave. It taught me about dedication, drive, etc. But, making music is far from "work" for me. I love to make music. It's fun. It's therapy. It's beautiful to do what you love day in and day out. So, that's what I do. Make music everyday. And, it just so happened three projects came out of it.

I also love the honesty that you exude on "The Autobiography of M. Evans" as you detail when you first fell in love with hip-hop, losing your virginity and other ordeals. What are some benefits of being honest and presenting life on records?

You really connect with your listeners. It is not only my story, it's someone else's story too. No one has a story that at least one person can't relate too. I get a lot of comments about "A Crush Groove". Everyone can relate to having feelings for a friend. Its the connection with people that I love the most.

"ABC/Guilty" is a crazy track where you slaughter the alphabet. I love the aggression presented on "Guilty" as well. Is it fair to say that "Guilty" was conceived when you were in a relationship?

"Guilty" is a mixture. It is about some things that I've done, or thought, or what someone has done to me. It is also what I hear and see a lot of my guy and girl friends go through in there own relationships. It is about trust in a relationship, and the crazy things women and men do when they get scared of losing someone they love.

What is your favorite song from For Everything?

This questions is tough to answer because there are so many that I love. I'm in love with the whole project. But, if I have to pick one it would probably be "Dear Friends". It is one of my favorite beats on the project and it humbles me to have such good friends in this industry. All those that showed love and extended a hand along the way when they didn't have to. It means a lot to have the support and respect of your peers and elders in this game. To know someone believes in you and your dream. It is priceless.

Jamla is awesome because...

we make dope jams.

Who as a peer (not legend) that is not part of Jamla do you look up to in music?

There are several. But, I look up to Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar the most. To do what they are doing on an independent level is phenomenal! I'm independent so I know how hard it is. I'm proud of what they both have accomplished!

What is your favorite beat of all time that you wish was made strictly for you?

Sweet Lord!! There are soo many. Wow...so so many. "Exhibit C", Nas "The Cross" 9th Wonder Remix, "Heart of the City" and "Encore" by Jay-Z...I cant answer this question. There are too many. lol.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

via twitter at RapsodyMusic and via gmail at doperaps@gmail.com

Although you have worked with a lot of rappers/legends already, who would you like to hop on a jam with?

Jay-Z, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, Common, Method Man, Frank Ocean, Mary J Blige...to name a few.

It seems like hip hop is starting to become more popular as the years go by, where do you see hip hop in 5 years?

The biggest thing I see for Hip Hop in the next 5 years is in academia. It will be studied at Universities like Harvard and Yale, and all schools globally, like Jazz is studied now. And, more of our Hip Hop legends, pioneers, and peers will be teaching the classes.

More specifically where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still making music successfully, and touring the world. I hope to be at least nominated for, and win, a Grammy, or Grammies. I want to top Billboard charts making the music that I want and love. I want to have a foundation that funds a performing arts program at my old High School. These are just some of the things Id like to accomplish in 5 years.

If you had an iPod Shuffle that only allowed you to stored five songs, what five songs would you include on the iPod?

This is today's list....tomorrow it would be different...lol...it is too hard to pick five...

- Jay-Z - "All I Need"
- Jay-Z - "Feelin' It"
- Outkast - "Elevators"
- Mos Def - "Umi Says"
- Kanye West - "Barry Bonds"

Any final shout outs?

For Everything is now available for download at DJBooth.net! For Everything (Deluxe) coming soon.

Jamla Records and Kooley High projects coming soon!

12-06-11: Jamla Presents: GQ "Troubleman"
12-06-11: Kooley High Presents: "David Thompson" featuring Dj Prince
12-23-11: Jamla Presents: Heather Victoria "Hip Hop Soul Lives"
Jan. 2012: Jamla Presents: Thee Tom Hardy "Doubting Thomas"

Peace and love to the Universal Zulu Nation.

Make sure you download For Everything by clicking the link below. Shout out to Swoots for providing direction for some of the questions.


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