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Read the Label: Kenneth Price

First and foremost who is Kenneth Price?

A Filmmaker from North Carolina.

Where do you reside?

Raleigh, N.C.

When did you gravitate towards the vision arts field and what made you interested in the visual arts?

My parents were big film fans, grew up watching films and I've been blessed enough to be able to pursuit it.

You have been integral in the success of IWWMG due to your excellent video work. Describe the working relationship that you have with IWWMG.

We're very much a family, we collaborate on concepts and the execution for the videos. Sometimes I'll have an idea, sometimes it's 9th, sometimes it's the artist themselves. We try not to over think it and just make videos we'd want to see.

On top of your acclaimed visual work for IWWMG you also worked exclusively on a documentary with 9th Wonder entitled The Wonder Year. How long did it take you to compile the footage for The Wonder Year?

I followed 9th around for an entire year. The film is broken up into the 12 months of that year. It was an incredible experience.

Describe the relationship that you have with 9th Wonder.

We're really collaborators and friends. If we never do another video or film I think the past two years has created a true friendship.

You have shoot over 50 videos for the IWWMG label. I know that every video that you shoot relies on careful preparation and a story, a story that you present to the audience. Looking at your videos, I notice that you value every shot. There is no filler. What five videos showcase your best work?

Hmm... That's tough... Rapsody "Imagination," Sean Boog "Gettin Mine," Actual Proof "Genius," Rapsody "All Black Everything" and Big Remo "Go Ladies."

Can you detail the importance of having a storyboard, visual map, flow chart etc before shooting a video?

I've never storyboarded a video, most the time we just have a concept for what we want to do. Sometimes I'll make a little shot list and have it handy on the iphone so I don't forget anything.

I love that fact that you are an educated man as evidenced by your B.A. in English and Film Studies and your M.F.A. in Film and Video Production. Is it safe to say that college provided a foundation for your success?

Absolutely, College isn't for everyone but for me having that time while in school to make different work and explore film making techniques was really important.

In short, what are some of your accomplishments outside of hip-hop visual work?

I've made 2 feature narrative films (Americatown & Lightning Salad) that have played at numerous film festivals and a variety of short films all of which can be seen on my Site.

Canon or Nikon?

Canon 7D.

In 2012, Kenneth Price will be...


What are some of your interests outside of being behind the camera?

I'm an associate producer for video game developer Ubisoft. That's my day job, working on Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

info@pricefilms.com or on Twitter.

Any final words?

Thanks for watching!


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