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Dr. B and Ben Z - Technocrats (Album Review)

The homie Ben Z hit my inbox with this collaborative album with Dr. B. Initially I slept on it and did not get a chance to check it out until now. I am glad that Ben Z followed some of the techniques from 5 Tips For Getting Blog Coverage. Technocrats is an album that boasts stellar production from Dr. B and some nice rhyming from Ben Z.

The thing that I like the most about this project is the intellectual nuggets that Ben Z and his feature guests drop. Speaking of featured guests, Ben Z shows hometown love by recruiting emcees from Madison, Wisconsin. This shows that Ben Z is supportive of his town and promotes the hip-hop scene in Madison, Wisconsin. I love the production from Dr. B and he really showcases his skills on "Gone Now" and "Telling You Lies." "Gone Now," which features Roberto Rivera, is a strong track that pays homage to the influential people that are gone but not forgotten. Check the hook:

"You were gone now, but you'll never be forgotten
Your fruits will continue to produce and not be rotten
Father to the youth, your truth's like an adoption
Your legacy's rhetorical..."

I also love "Telling You Lies" because it focuses on the lies that comes from the idiot box, the radio and other forms of media. Ben Z's strength is his attention to detail and awareness that he presents to the masses. Take some time and get familiar with this change agent.


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