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Chaundon feat. Daily Planet, Cymarshall Law, M-Dot - El Mariachi

Here is a new cut from Chaundon called "El Mariachi". The Justus League affiliate enlists the assistance of Daily Planet, Cymarshall Law and M-Dot. I love the verse from Daily Planet the most though. Daily Planet recites confidently "I plan my order, I ran my border/ trained, frame Shane, hands Mayorga/ trying to get bread like I ran Time Warner." Chaundon annihilates the track as well and drops an Amber Rose reference and a Monifah reference haha.

I also enjoyed the verse from Jersey representative Cymarshall Law. The homie M-Dot adds the finishing touching to a spectacular track. The track is produced by Reef Ali and the homie Dj Grazzhoppa adds some lethal scratching.

If you are interested in download the Dj pack then make sure you click the Download Now link below.


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