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Video: Kandžija - Koktel od rakije

Here is a feel good track from Croatian emcee Kandžija that is produced by long time friend and collaborator Dirty Hairy. I had to ask the Croatian based beatmaker what the track was about due to the language barrier.
Yeah man, it's talking completely metaphorical. Its a reggae hip hop track about the national drink RAKIJA. Its a strong alcoholic drink here served in a small glass traditionally before a days work in the fields or before physical work but he talks about the drink being a cocktail of sorts, which you can't really do with Rakija, it's not that kind of drink.

Metaphorically the Rakija represents Croatia in the track and the people, the mind state etc trying to be less Croatian by mixing more fake, lame, nontraditional influences and ingredients.

- Dirty Hairy


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