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Tip 2: Research the Website and Organize Contact Sheet

The first tip focused on the completed project and the organization of the press release. Now that you have the completed press release you must decide which sites you would like to send your music to. In order to do this you must research the website and apply what you researched to your promotional efforts.

Utilize google and trust me it will make the process of finding hip-hop or music related websites easier. I started out by submitting music to the big blogs such as 2 Dope Boyz or Kevin Nottingham. When the bigger sites did not post my material I started focusing on the smaller blogs and then created a foundation or a contact list that I update on a regular basis.

As an artist you must know your niche and understand that your music may not fit a particular media outlet. You have to use common sense and actually look at the content that the website is presenting on a daily basis. If your music is parallel to what is being presented on that site then you should look for their contact information.

Once you have the contact information then you should store it somewhere. I store all of my Media contacts in a Microsoft Word Document.

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

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