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Tip 1: Record the music > Organize the Press Release

The first tip for getting blog coverage is to have music, recorded music preferably. If you have the music then you can work on the press release and then you will be able to send the music out to the blogs or other websites.

The easy part is recording the music the hard part is marketing the music and getting your name out there. The press release is very important because it is used to inform the masses about something, create excitement about a release and motivate people to buy or download the product. So in a sense the press release promotes credibility. If you do not know how to write a press release I advise hiring someone or befriending someone that is knowledgeable of writing them.

When I wrote the press release for Professional Hobbyist I had to make sure that I informed the audience (in this case the bloggers, websites, media etc) about my product. I made sure that I detailed the project in a way that would influence the reader to download the project. Below I have included a sample of the press release for Professional Hobbyist. The press release details what the project is about, the motivation behind the project, who is featured on the project and the call to action (which is the download link).

Professional Hobbyist is a ten track journey that examines a man who is a blue collar man by day and an emcee by night. The project highlights the struggles associated with vocation, educational goals, personal life and a time consuming hobby. I make it perfectly clear that I would rather make a living as an emcee as opposed to completing a Masters in Business Administration. The album features production from This Is Tomorrow, Manu Beats, LX-Beats, Skipless, Muneshine and more. BrainStormers crewmate, Dj Grazzhoppa, adds scratch hooks on three of the ten tracks including the title track. The project also boasts a feature from long time collaborator Don Streat.

You can download Professional Hobbyist = http://praverbthewyse.bandcamp.com/album/professional-hobbyist

PS: All press is good press and if you have time to write some words about the project I would be happy (a review, an interview or just a track by track breakdown. I will return the favor and post the press on my website). The goal for this project is to progress towards making this a reality and not a dream (shows, bigger features, etc).

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

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