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Praverb's Poll: How many games will Ndamukong Suh miss due to suspension?

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Yesterday during the Packers and Lions game Ndamukong Suh was ejected for forcefully pushing Green Bay offensive lineman Dietrich-Smith's head to the ground and stomping on the defenseless player as he was walking away. A lot of "dirty" things happen during the course of an athletic event and the masses do not get to hear what is said or see what goes on during a game (especially beneath the pile).

I am not coming to Ndamukong's defense because he should have a better grip on his aggression. The issue at hand is that Suh is an aggressive player in this new sissified National Football League and he will continue to have the target on his back. The young man just had a meeting with Roger Goddell about appropriate on field conduct and an explanation of the rules. I truly believe that his effort to reach out to Goddell will soften the punishment. I believe that he will receive a hefty fine (more than $50,000) and he will be suspended for two games. What are your thoughts about the impending suspension or play?


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