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Video: ILLUS feat. ILL Bill - Family First

Family First is the brand new album by Illus and will be released in late December/early January. This very special project features some of HipHop's most talented emcees rocking the mic alongside Illus.

ILL Bill is featured on the title cut called "Family First." ILL Bill also produced the track. The song was also co-produced by the legendary DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy, who also supplies all of the cuts on the album. I like the creativity of the video and the artistry that Adam exhibits (painting a room for his son). ILLUS recently released the concept masterpiece called For Adam.

Family First features Ill Bill, Apathy, Blueprint, J-Live, Erin Barra, Paul Dateh, Esoteric, Regenerated Headpiece and more to be announced soon.

Family First is being funded by the fans through Kickstarter and it has already achieved its goal with 23 days left to go.


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