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Video: JaeWon feat. Peter Krafft - Lionheart

This post is about a Swedish emcee by the name of JaeWon and his first single from his upcoming album called Hometown Hero.

The title of the song is called "Lionheart" and it features Peter Krafft on the hook. The press release states that the lyrics reflect all sides of JaeWon's journey - from the dreaming boy who in a Swedish small town did everything to break the mold and walk his own path - to the focused, hard-working young man he is today.

Hometown Hero is a street album where JaeWon puts it all out there to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with and that he won't let anything, or anyone, come between him and his dream. The concept behind Hometown Hero is heavily inspired by the world of superheroes, a place where JaeWon has found a motivation and a calm that he couldn't find in the real world. The album will be available for download via JaeWon's site in the future. You can download "Lionheart" below by clicking the Download Now option.


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