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Video: Emcee Nemesis - Shine

This posting marks the triumphant return of one of my favorite emcees known as Emcee Nemesis.

Emcee Nemesis, who is currently playing football in Germany, is at home over this Diamond District instrumental. The song is called "Shine" and it showcases Nemesis's ability to combine introspective rhymes with a deep passion for hip-hop culture. Nemesis presents reality based rhymes with these lines, "I spit for it for the hustlers with work in their jeans/ blue collars, immigrants, that work in their jeans/ thick hip strippers, busting shirts at the seams/ keep your head up Queen, know it's worth it to dream/ never let a man convince your worth's in your jeans."

"Shine" is a five minute journey through the mind of Emcee Nemesis, highlighting the highs and the lows of life.


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