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Praverb - So Far To Go Freeverse (Lyrics)

Here is a freeverse that was recorded to increase the awareness for Professional Hobbyist (Dropping in October). I recorded this while listening to Common's Be and Finding Forever and I decided that the beat was appropriate for my randomness. The lyrics are provided in case you want to read along.

[Verse 1]
Mom asking, are you trying to save souls?
I reply, It's a Cole World, shout to J. Cole
A dreamer, I would jot rhymes and make goals
And put it on paper, include them in my prayers//

Looking to the savior, thinking this is my time
You sloppy from a beer, I age like fine wine
Such a high climb, when you at the ground level
Moving at Mach speed, still witness sound settle//

Steel workers, still pound metal, blue collar
Money folds, unless the bills be new dollars
In my city, I won't debate about who's hotter
A lot of competition, not enough true scholars//

Shouts to young cats, that don't bust gun raps
Dancing, entertaining, bringing that fun back
The game is an eclipse with evil and darkness
Demons are heartless, I will bring the sun back//

I'm swift, Usain Bolt or D. Hester fast
Brainstorm rhymes, chilling in Dexter's lab
No Buford, yet I've lived a checkered past
No change, lint pockets, they still expecting cash//

You want a hand out, pick up a flyer
A pamphlet, a catalog, convincing these buyers
Drenched in the fire, Shadrach, Meshach
Abednego, spitting clean rhymes, never censored though//

Never mentioned so, I gotta long way to go
On a splitting road, scuffing up my Kenneth Coles
My plate is full, stuffed with obligations
Low patience and people adding dinner rolls//


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