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The end of the 50/90 Challenge

The 50/90 Challenge is based on the concept of writing 50 songs in a 90 day period. I was introduced to this concept by Nicholas Tozier. I decided to enter the challenge because lately I have been slacking in regards to writing songs. Who knows maybe I can finish writing an album or two. The challenge starts on July 4th and ends on October 1st. Well it is almost October 1st and I only cranked out 27 songs haha, the good thing is that a project was complete and will be distributed to the masses soon.

You can follow my progress HERE or click the links below.

Song 1: The Critic
Song 2: The Seed
Song 3: Thinking Of A Master Plan
Song 4: A People Person
Song 5: Give You It All
Song 6: My Journey (Includes a Rough Recording)
Song 7: Fall To My Knees (I Pray)
Song 8: The Rising (Includes a Rough Recording)
Song 9: Extraordinary Verse (Includes a Rough Recording)
Song 10: Everlasting Struggle
Song 11: Real Hip-Hop Verse (Includes a Rough Recording)
Song 12: Don Streat Verse (Includes a Rough Recording)
Song 13: Microgroove 2 (with Matt Blick)
Song 14: In The Beginning (Poem)
Song 15: My Year Verse
Song 16: For The People
Song 17: Blue Collar
Song 18: Professional Hobbyist
Song 19: Praverb 8 Verse
Song 20: Praverb 9 Verse
Song 21: Praverb 7 Verse
Song 22: Praverb 4 Verse
Song 23: Sons Of Anarchy Verse
Song 24: Killin It Verses
Song 25: So Far To Go Verse
Song 26: That's How It Is Verse
Song 27: November 11th


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